With just under $3 a day, you can make a meaningful impact in the lives of teenage mothers and their children through the AMEN Foundation. Our mission is rooted in compassion and faith, and we provide housing, food, clothing, education, and healthcare for them until adulthood. Our goal is to shape these children into productive members of society.

Rest assured, every dollar you donate goes directly to support these families. No fees are charged by our Board members or volunteers. Your donations are also tax deductible, and we provide receipts for tax purposes.

Join us in making a difference today. Your support embodies love and faith in action. Contact us for more information.

Platinum Sponsor

Amen CF_Support USAchieve Platinum sponsorship status with a $10,000 donation. Your generosity creates a $10,000 endowment, ensuring lifelong support for a child in need. Your contribution, a shining example of compassion, secures a brighter future for them, making a lasting impact.

Thank you for your Platinum sponsorship and for being a beacon of hope.

Annual Sponsor

Amen CF Teen MotherYou can embrace the role of an annual sponsor through your heartfelt commitment. With either an $85 monthly donation or a single, compassionate annual gift of $1,000, you become an enduring source of support for those in need.

Your choice of sponsorship makes a profound and lasting difference in their lives, embodying the spirit of empathy and care.

Thank you for your annual sponsorship, and for being a beacon of hope and love.

Gold Sponsor

Amen CF_Giving

Becoming a Gold sponsor is a remarkable act of compassion and kindness. With a generous donation of $5,000, you have the power to transform the life of a child in need. Your contribution, together with another Gold sponsorship, will create a $10,000 endowment, providing perpetual support that will last a lifetime.

Your decision to become a Gold sponsor not only touches a child’s life today but also ensures a brighter, more secure future for them. It’s a profound testament to the boundless love and compassion within your heart.

Thank you for your Gold sponsorship, and for being a guiding light in the lives of these children.


Amen CF_Donat

In the spirit of generosity and faith, you have the opportunity to offer a heartfelt donation of any amount you feel called to give. Your contribution, regardless of its size, embodies theĀ  selfless love for our fellow beings. Your choice to share from your heart echoes the teachings of compassion and benevolence that have been imparted to us.

May your charitable spirit be blessed and multiply, as we work to create a brighter, more compassionate world.